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YOLO 69 420!!!

The best political party in Germany!

Our Mission

Our mission is to save the lives of all people who travel on the German highways by lowering the speed-limit. As it stands, the speed limit is unlimited and we believe a simple limit of 420 KPH, unless the speed limit is ever 70 KPH in which case we'd like to lower it to 69 KPH will save actual lives.

The Party

We are located in Berlin, have a Satzung and fulfill all other legal requirements to be a political party. Meet our members on our The Party page!

Join Us!

We'll have events at the Wall Comedy in Berlin and we invite you to come to one of our events! Because the management of the club is quite strict and our events are definitely not comedic in any way (although you are legally allowed to laugh in the events) they will take place during off-hours. We'll have more info soon and look forward to seeing you!

Political Party Documents

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