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We are a Berlin based political party who want to save the world!

Currently there is no speed limit on the German highways (called the Autobahn in the local language) and this has the potential to cause many problems. In fact, as there is no law against it, some would argue that it is legal for cars to travel faster than the speed of light, which appears to be impossible (at least in our universe), so long as faster than light travelers do so safely.

We believe that an unlimited speed limit where people can theoretically break the laws of physics on public roads should be banned and after meeting with self-proclaimed "experts" in vehicle safety, we have settled on trying to implement a new speed limit, 420 kilometers per hour, unless of course the speed limit is already 70 KPH, in which case we move to lower that limit to 69 KPH. Our feeling is that safety should be at the upmost importance and really, you only live once, hence the name: YOLO-69-420.

We have found a wonderful partner, the Wall Comedy Club located in Friedrichshain in Berlin, and look forward to using this partnership to deliver our message in the hours when comedy shows are not able to run, which is of course perfectly legal. Please be on the lookout and feel free to join us at our events, where you are legally allowed to laugh, to ask questions about our political movement and look at the Join Us! page for more info on events and becoming a party member!

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